Saturday, June 02, 2007

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day we had a family BBQ. My grandma came as well as Lemlea, Michelle's Fiance. We made WAY too much food!!! We had 7 Steaks, an entire bag of Chicken Breasts, 2 bags of Hot Dogs, 10 Hamburgers and a Big bag of shrimp. We cooked them ALL!! and that's not including all the side dishes!! We were all uncomfortably full the max. It was Delish!!!! My dad bought a new canopy as well. Went very well with the barbeque we got him for fathers day two years ago.
After we had all digested for a while we decided to shoot off the canon to commemorate the purpose of memorial day. those who have gone before us the the next life. My dad and brother built our canon for New years and the 4th of July, but we decided to use it for this!! Pretty much you put calcium carbide(?) and water together and it explodes really REALLY loud without projecting anything out of the canon or causing damage. It's awesome!
After that Michelle and Lema showed us their engagement photo's and we helped pick out a picture for the invitation. I will post that on here as soon as I get a copy.
Then.. I went to see PIRATES!!!!! Everyone else took naps and discussed wedding plans, but we rushed off to see good ol Johnny Depp. A very fun ending to Memorial day, hope your's were all great!!!!

A rose from our front yard. How sultry.....

Dad & Michael

The inside of our New Canopy

An outside view of the canopy

Shrimp. SSOO GOOD!! (cooked by me!!!!)

Yummy Food!! Notice that Randy and Michael have on the same shirt? they bought them at different times. Kind of fun

Some of the goodness and Grandma

The BBQ Master

Lema & Michelle. How cuuute!!!

These were PART of the Leftovers

seeting off the cannon. Our neighbor freaked out and thought it was a bomb. Hilarious!!

Remember those Heros, family and friends.

Lema wanted to set it off.

Wedding prep. The guys enjoy it SO much....I'm sure.....

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  1. so what... I start reading your blog again and you stop updating it? YOU'RE FIRED!