Friday, October 07, 2005


I am back upstairs in my old room, but now I am sharing it with Rachel, as soon as she actually brings all her junk and bed upstairs. I seriously do not understand how Michelle and Toni can both cram all their stuff in that small of a room, and fit both beds in like that. I can barely fit inour bunkbed with our stuff. You guys amaze me. But until Rachel actually moves up here, I've got my own room for about a week or so, and I am thoroughly enjoying the alone time. mainly because I can actually see my floor, and I know where my stuff is. i love being in a clean room, It's like going to a spa without the massage, it's the atmostphere, very calming and relaxing.
I've been away from the computer for the past week, because I have to rewire the network connection upstairs(which has to go through the ceiling) and will take a while. So for now I've been using my Dad's spare laptop. I can't stand laptop keyboards, so I connected my desktop one to the laptop. much nicer. Now I just need to bring up my mouse And I'll neer need my coputer again! well, not really I love my computer, and Love all the software I've installed too, so never mind about that last comment.
Right now I'm listening to all the yahoo music videos while I type. Most of them are ok and Several I want to buy, but this one by Shakira called "La Totura" Is quite annoying. One, I can't understand it, and the backround drums and noise are driving me nuts, Two, she barely sings in he whole thing anyway, just a bunch of taco benders chanting in the backround. Anyway, the song is over now, so I'll stop complaining. Crap, now Hilary Duff is on. *retch* Seriously, this girl needs to learn to sing, talk and just be a normal person. She reminds me of the old version of "Clueless" that used to be on TGIF when we were really little. You know, the girl ditz that always wore pink and chewed gum all the time? Pass me the tranquilizer gun PLEASE. better make it a double dose just to be safe.
I did a Solo in a relief society thing last night. My lovely accompanist ( who I asked to play an hour before it started and I would have sucked without her) decided to go a million times slower than we rehearsed it . The song was "As I have loved you" from the children's hymn book. I did the melody the first verse, and the second verse I did the Descant. Ya, Michelle, look how freaking high that gets(for a viola anyway) I learned it quick, and played it PERFECT. (Can you say lucky?) Anyway, she went so slow I almost turned around and said, "pick up the pace ya slow poke, it's a primary song, not a funeral march!" But, being the completely unjudging, kind, forgiving, eternal-perspective-minded-daughter-of-God (and ever so humble I might add)person that I am, I kept playing. And I will probably give her a thank-you note and a plate of cookies for doing it on such short notice for me, BUT STILL!!!! THAT SLOW?!?!?! It could drive you MAD!!! Just one of those moments, Ya know?
Anyway, I must log of for now, I have some movies to watch while my mom is alseep so she won't freak out. (*GASP* PG-13? I'm going to Hell In a handbasket)
So happy trails for now my feathered friends. Tootles


  1. NOT PG 13!!! Gasp! Hey, Shell and I do it, but our room is always a mess. Its hard to keep it clean when you just have SO MUCH stuff crammed into SUCH a tiny space. Its constant upkeep... and frankly I don't think either of us are up to that. :-S

  2. Hell in a handbasket, eh? Sounds like fun. Can I come too? :)