Friday, October 07, 2005

Remember when flip flops first came into style? and how hard it was to find some at stores? Now look at today and how much that has changed. Crazy. flip flops are everywhere. It's interesting to see how styles change, fads are introduced, and how the world in general is progressing into the furture.Ten years ago could you imagine someone suggesting that mcDonalds sell a Salad? You'd be laughed at and thrown out of the room. Now a days with so much focus on health and all the obesity in the world, salads are a common thing. Along with Atkins, Southbeach, and all the other millsions of diets going on for the world to lose weight. Interesting how our own thoughts and perceptions of the world change as we get older in life too. Five years ago I didn't really care about the way I looked. I was worried about practicing for my viola lesson that week or what the school was serving for lunch that day. Now I'm constantly thinking about My future,, school, work, money, relationships, the way I look, and the way I act towards people.If Only I could go back to Jr High, or elementary when i didn't have to think so much, and I enjoyed a more stressfree life.
I think I'm going to practice My viola and pianio for a bit. Do something productive intead of sit around like th lazy bum that I am. I'll write again tonight and hopefully be more entertaining.

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