Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tum diiddly um dum tum

Geez Tony! I was gone for Five days. What would you do if my computer died?

Anywho, I just spent the last five days in Orem staying with Crazy Toni, odd Michelle, funny Juilia, and sweetie pumpkin Joe(Remember michelle?) It was so nice to get away from my family and the house for that long. The second i walked into the door, my dad asked me to hang up some stuff he wwas cleanig. Noteven a single hello from anyone. then my mom told me to put my stuff way and come help. She said it in a tone like she had been asking me fro hours to do it. I almost ran out the door after Toni to take me back with her. Then we had the missionaries over for donner. You would have thought we were ging to feed an army! my mom bought three boxes of taco shells, two packages of tortillas, five, count em', five tomatoes, two heads of lettuce and about four pounds of beef. can you believe that? all for SEVEN people! we could've invited all the missionaries in this ZONE for goodness sake. my mom is interesting. When I told my parents I applied at some jobs while I was in Orem and that if I got any of them, I was going to move, my dad said, "Just don't let the door hit you on the way out". They must seriously want me gone or something. Tomorrow my parents are leaving, so i guess it won't be so bad.
Rachel and I went to see Corpse Bride tonight. Very cool show. Funny too. Especially where they have the parts from Lord of the Rings. Very funny and well done. I love the music for it too. Mainly the piano parts. very cool. My poor kitty Jack missed me while I was gone. As soon as I came in my room, he ran up to me and would'nt stop purring or leave me alone. So sad. My mom said he sat on the corner of my bae and stared at my pillow everyday I was gone. Poor Jacky-poo.
I got some VERY cool pictures while I was in Orem. NAmely from "facial night" that are quite entertaining that I will post Tomorrow. also some cool ones of Viola's, and lots of beautiful autumn leaves. I'm tired seeing how Michelle kept me up all night last night yapping my ear off :) (Actually, I did most of the talking) So I should get to bed so I can write lots tomorrow. Oh, something wierd before I forget, One of the missionaries that came tonight has a brother in my sisters' mission, that she went to the MTC with. Very small world. II'll write more tomorrow and post lots of pictures. tootles.

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  1. crazy toni?? crazy toni?? alright, thats true... COME LIVE WITH US!