Saturday, October 08, 2005

well, not THAT big

Today I experimented with my hair and put it in velcro rollers after I took a shower. Holy volume! Where have velcro rollers been al my life!? I LOVE these things. I wash my hair, put in some gel, and put the curlers in, and WHAMO! volume and curls galore. I did some pictures, so I suppose I'll post them when I find the connector to my camera
I bought some egnog tonight at Walmart. MMMM. I love that stuff. you have to add milk though, or it's toothick and reminds me of egg yolks which makes me want to gag. speaking of gagging, I threw up this morning. I lid in bed awake from 2-8am tossing and turning with a migraine and a stomach ache, when I stood up to take my migraine medicine, and BOOM, upchuck time. Good thing I threw up before taking the Relpax though. that stuff is expensive, and I wasn't about to go digging through my puke to find it. Anyway, so I took the relpax and crashed into bed until 2pm. I only got four hours of sleep mind you. So sleeping till 2 wasn't so bad, especially cause I was sick. So pretty much the whole day got wasted from being sick. I did go with my mom to Walmart though around 9pm. I was feeling much better then. Even well enough to yell at Rachel for using my stuff. So I guess I recovered pretty nicely.
I Also bought some workout pants that match my Jacket. Sometimes new clothes just make you feel better. (Emotionally anyway)
Well, church tomorrow, and it's kind of late, so i should go to bed now. I'll have plenty of time to write after church tomorrow. So until then, tootles!

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