Monday, September 29, 2008

"Moses, He was famous!"

Tonight I was looking up the address for my doctor appointment tomorrow. Now normally I use mapquest, but I was lazy and looked under google maps. I was awed by their pictures that go along with the directions. Of course the starting point was my house, so I clicked on it, and rotated to face our actual house. This is what came up.

My mom and Rachel just happened to be outside the day the camera person came though. They're famous! How many people can say they are on google?

I borrowed my mom's camera to get a couple pictures and found this one from the other day up in the mountains. More beautiful fall coming out way.

A couple days ago we had tacos for dinner. I am very particular of my hard taco shells and like to heat them up to crunchify them under the broiler. I was talking with Michelle and ran dow to my room to grab something for her and completely forgot about the tacos. I suddenly remembered and bolted upstairs to find the oven billowing out thick black smoke. Anyone for some tacos?

The bottoms were still edible and we used those for taco salads. Luckily we had another package of shells and some tortillas.

Too late to keep talking again.



  1. I looked up my mom's house and my car was out front. I musta been there when they did the pictures.

  2. I've read your blog 5 times now.... you need to update it.