Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do you smell that?

I can always feel the change in the air, like Mary Poppins is coming or something. Can you feel the atumn air rushing in? All the leaves in my garden are turning yellowish like they're closing up shop for the winter.

My parents went to Oktober fest tonight with Michelle and Lema. They also went to take family pictures in the mountains. Michelle brought me back these leaves to press. Do they not look freakin' fake?!?! The colors are amazing!! Mother nature is constantly amazing me with what it comes up with.

Tonight I butchered my garden. Well, part of it anyway. All the sunflowers were leaning down to the ground and drying out for the season. Everytime I walk in the garden I get sunflower spines in my legs. Feels like I rubbed a sheet fiberglass over my legs at the end of the day. So, down came the sunflowers. Our back yard looks like the carnage after a war. But instead of bodies, sunflower stalks and heads.

Yesterday I finally did my sewing(I sound like Cinderella there) . I know how to sew thanks to my mom's homemaker-ing efforts as a child. And because of it, I have to fix and alter my own clothes whenever sewing is involved. When my sewing pile gets to about 3 feet high and I have to do the spilts over the pile of clothes to get to my bed, I guess it's time to get busy.

I get everything set up all nice and organized, my machine nicely threaded, oiled and dusted(it's been a while since I used it) start sewing, and BAM. thread breaks. I pull out the bobbin, and the stuff is shredded. I have no CLUE what happened. I tried adjusting the top thread tension as well as the bobbin tension (which is a royal PAIN to do, taking apart the whole stinking machine) and it worked a bit better. It kept skipping every third stitch and still shredding the thread. I finally switched over to my mom's machine because I was about to strangle someone with frustration. I just don't want to cough up the $50-70 to have my machine checked out. It's more expensive than a car basic diagnostic test. I love my machine. It was one of the first computer/electronic model in the 90's. My grandpa got it for my mom for $800. It's like the Mercedes of sewing machines.

Not sure why I wrote that all. Just to get it out I suppose. I'll let you know the ending one of these days once I decide what to do with it.

I have to go shower and prepare my lesson for church tomorrow. Also vacuum my floor. Somehow under the sewing pile, a chunk of deodorant materialized and was crushed into the carpet. It must have been one of the countless times I dropped my deodorant and it shattered across the floor. No fun kids. No fun.

Enjoy the fallness rolling in everyone. I'll probably go in the mountains sometime this week with my family to enjoy it myself. Night!



  1. Autumn is so coming, and is SO awesome. I love the smells and the crisp mornings.

    With your machine... try replacing your needle, and rethreading your bobbin again. If that doesn't work then it sounds like your timing is off, and it may need a tune-up. My mom uses a guy who doesn't charge that much, I'll get his # for ya.

  2. Will do, and I will let you know if it works. Thanks!