Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Beauty is pain

Tonight was a fun filled night. First I drove to the Jordan river Temple and got to go through an endowment session as Michelle recieved her own. For some reason I get nervous when I go through the temple, and my heart races the whole time. I have no idea why, because I have noreason to get nervous. I can't figure it out. Anyway. I felt great coming out of the temple as usual and was going over some thoughts. I still can't beleive that Michelle is getting married on friday! It came so fast, but I am excited for her.

After the temple I bolted(as much as one can bolt on redwood road's 45mph limit) to Orchestra. It was our last rehearsal before our performance next Tuesday. Which is at 7:30 @ Kearns High for your info. I had practiced all week and did amazingly well through all the tough parts. It still irks me though, some parts are too tough. We have an amazing (did I say amazing? I meant UNREAL) Bass player who flies through the runs like they were cake and never misses a note. This guy rocks at Bass like no other (yes Tony, You rock too). Makes me wonder how much some people practice and in turn makes me feel guilty for not practicing more.

I wore my high heels today for the first time in months. I've been falling into the lazy habit of wearing my flats to church because I can, and because I have no one to impress there with my girly high heels. After a 2 month break in heels, my calves are screaming. I feel like I ran up 500 stairs on my toes. Sad really.

My sister Michelle and her husband are moving to Magna this friday. They are renting out the condo/apartment-thing on Centennial Rd. from Mr. Dilley (my old drivers ed teacher oddly enough)and I am super excited to have them so close. They'll be in my stake and neghbors with your mom Toni! Well, somewhat close neighbors. Mainly the excitement comes from getting to see Miles so much (I'm selfish). So tomorrow Rachel and I are going over to her current apartment to help her pack after choir.

Agh, must go now.


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  1. I notice high heels.. not that you have to.. or really even should be trying to impress me.. I am always happy about people that overdress for church.. I do it myself sometimes just because there are not enough reasons to dress up