Monday, September 15, 2008

Quick or slow? you choose.

This week (so far) has been eventful. The first couple days after a long vacation, you collapse in bed, and get up for meals once in a while. I called a bunch of people about jobs, started orchestra at SLCC, Choir in the mornings(with Rachel in it too!), proabably institute soon, Saw Jocelyn(yay!), realized my room was a mess beyond measure, and noticed I ate out too much on vacation. Time to start running again :( .

This week I get to meet with the man who ultimately decides if I can go back on a mission. Did I mention I was planning on going back? Well there you have it. I have to wait until my "Sessions" are over, so about 2 months until I'll know for sure. I've been keeping up on my spanish study lately and trying to cram in scripture study. I'm just worried it's been so long I may have to get a completely new call and maybe even a new language. It will all turn out how it's supposed to though. If I go, I go, if not, I'll move on this time.

So today I finally got see Jocelyn! She came home on the 11th when I was on vacation. She kind of talks like a Samoan, has hair past her shoulders now, she's gorgeously skinny, and has dark brown hair. We got to sit down and talk for about two hours about her mission, my mission, dating etc. Her homecoming talk is this sunday at her ward at 1pm if anyone is interested in seeing her again. I'm all flushed because I thought I would have to find a substitute for my primary class until next week, but it's this sunday. As Shell would say, SCRAP!

Tomorrow my dad is bringing home an external hard drive so I can transfer my vacation pictures from his laptop to my computer. Lots and lots of pictures. I'm excited to show you all where we went and what we saw.

I went to Walmart with my my brother Michael today. We thought Ace was mature enough to be out of the kennel when we go out, but alas, he proves us wrong every time. We came home to a living room full of garbage neatly spaced across the floor. I think he ate half a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Hopefully the chocolate won't kill him. Ace insists on not only eating garbage, but new unopened foods left within range of his paws on the counter. Whole loaves of bread, bags of chips, full casseroles, you name it, he'll eat it.


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