Friday, July 25, 2008

Sorry, Can't.....Help....Myself

I went outside to water this evening (yes, in that 101 degree heat) and took some more pictures. I'm trying to figure out shutter speed and all that jazz on my camera. Plus I've had more flowers bloom and the garden grow huge in the past couple weeks.

I'm sorry Mr. Cosmo, but I must remain true to my sunflower. We've been best friends for so long, I just can't give it up now. Cosmos will have to remain my second favorite flower. The sunflower rules all.

My beans getting buds. I don't like beans, but the rest of my family does, so I'm growing it for them.

Kind of a sad droopy sunflower. Why not make it sepia to make it look even more sad!

This is a picture of a section of my garden exactly 11 days ago.

Today's comparison of the exact same section. Holy Cow! I can't even walk in sections now because their is so much green!

Cool squash ringlets trying to suffocate a sunflower

A spider building a nest on my squash leaf.

Another purple dahlia about to bloom

Don't these sunflower leaves make you want to go rub your face all over their fuzzy goodness? I tried it. More like sharp deathly spines. I don't suggest this.

This is the first sunflower of the season.

A late bloomer in my bunch of bachelor buttons.

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