Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happenings of late

Tonight for family night we all jumped in the car drove to see the progress of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in Daybreak/South Jordan. The angel Moroni is up, but still lots of exterior and interior work going on. They don't have windows up yet and you can see the lights of the workers inside. It's still gated off because of the construction going on, but I still got some decent pictures. I'm excited for it to be finished because our stake is being re-assigned to this temple instead of the Salt Lake Temple.

Here is the back view (facing east). Right now it looks like a yellow temple with no windows.

Here's a view from the front (facing west) of the angel Moronit that was recently put on the spire. The spire itself isn't quite finished, I think it looks like lace though. Kind of cool. Lovely chain link fence for added depth.

Silhouette of the spire.

How did this beast get in here?

This was my first attempted picture with a slow shutter speed and high ISO while we were driving. I waited until a car drove past to get a cool picture. BUMP!!!! It made it look like the car jumped over the median and disintigrated.

Cool B & W version of the spire.

Another back view.

Lots of construction going on even at 8pm. All the lights were on inside.

Oh, I finally cut Rachel's bangs like I promised. It only took 2 weeks from when I dyed her hair. She loves them, and now I'm debating wether or not to chop some of my own.

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  1. You took some REALLY beautiful pics babe. :) Very nice to look at. :)