Monday, July 14, 2008

Garden Update (with pictures!)

My garden is starting to look like a garden rather than a desert with weeds mangling the fence. I have more flowers this year than any other year, and I love it! Lots of bug problems though. If you look at the flowers, you'll see holes from hungry bugs who took out frustrations on my plants.

A flower about to bloom

My mom got me a rose bush this year. Very tiny, but I already have two blooms

We bought this windmill 2 years ago and Rachel and I put it together. Still standing strong!

I got my Dahlias!

More Dahlias!

Lots of squash this year. The squares of wood chips are for the squash vines to spread out on. The big ugly black box my compost box I got for my birthday. Smells like a dump some days, but it's worth it in the long run.

What garden of mine could possibly be complete without mammoth sunflowers? This one is about 5 feet tall right now.

The angel on my birdbath soaking his feet in the gross mossy water. I think he needs a paint job.

I decided to actually use a pot I bought about 5 years ago. I raised the ground a bit to give some height. Cosmos should be blooming in about a month here. Yay!

A birdhouse I got at the D.I.. I've been to lazy to attach a pole to it, so I stuck it on the ground until then.

Even though it's my garden, I'm harboring some cucumbers and yellow squash (yuck) for my mom.

One of my gaurd gnomes. Their names are fred and george after the twins in Harry Potter (seeing how in the book they hated garden gnomes sos much.) They stand at the entrance of the garden and protect it. I've been trying to get Fred to quit smoking, but he just won't listen.

I had to build a fence this year to keep the dogs out. They trampled everything the first month. Pretty good for scraps of wood in the yard eh?

Detail of my table. It's plastic but looks like iron.

My beans are taller than me now! See them on the arch?

This was the first flower to bloom of the year.

Wasp getting a drink in the bird bath

Yellow Dahlia. Holes everywhere, but this was the best picture.

Sunflower about to open up

Maroon bulbs.


  1. HOLY CRAP!!! I was proud of my garden this year but.. oi.. good job.. looks great!!!

  2. Becca, you have a really cute and entertaining blog! Not to mention you take really good pictures! Oh, and I am supposed to be taking care of my in-laws flowers for just a little while, and it is tough work for someone like me who doesn't have a green thumb, so great job on your flower garden!