Sunday, March 23, 2008

We didn't have a chance to have our New England boiled dinner last week for St. Patricks day, so we bumped it up to today! Also the tradition egg decorating. Even though we never really eat boiled eggs, we still dye eggs. They're cheap right? And my dad usually has egg salad sandwiches for work the next day. Not too many go to waste.

I came home last night from Toni & Ben's house to find a surprise on my pillow. I had asked my mom earlier to get some fabulous lotion tissues so my nose won't be red and raw for church. I had just finished up my third box of tissues and was about to resort to TP.(Did I mention the sore throat thing from this week turned into a sinus infection-thingy?) But she surprised me with this new amazing Puffs + Lotion + Vicks tissues. Incredible stuff! (no product placement here!) It's like inhaling the vicks scent when you blow your nose, and leaves a medicated/tingly/feel-good feeling in your nose, sinuses & lungs. It says "non-medicated" on the package, but I love them anyway. If you get sick, buy these! your nose will thank you.Thought I would mention that we all need to remember(even though you'll here it in church today) the real meaning if Easter besides chocolate candy, peep marshmallows and dyed eggs. How the resurrection of Christ is what we celebrate. Because He died for us and lived again, we can too. But more importantly the Atonement that took place before hand that was a selfless act on every single person's behalf that we can all be forgiven of our many sins. That he went through every sorrow, bad day, hurt knee, stubbed toe, depression, heartache, troubled time that we did, and knows EXACTLY how we feel. He is one that can give comfort and help us through anything. Through him ALL mankind may be saved.

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  1. So... I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat... headache and my glands swollen like mad. I really hope I didn't get what you have... sinus infections kill me.

    Anyway it was fun!