Monday, March 10, 2008

The inner workings...

You know when you go through a box of old things and find stuff you forgot completely about? I did that yesterday. I found a CD that said Rebecca Hodgson 9/25/06. I popped it into my computer and this is what came up-

It's my BRAIN!!!! I had a CT scan done in 2006 to see if the docs could figure out my migraines. This is one of four images. Apparently my nose bone is crooked :) Everything turned out normal in case your wondering. No brain tumor or anything drastic going on. Kind of weird seeing youe insides though.

Saturday I was cleaning my room and for the life of me couldn't find my cell phone. Being the genius that I am I didn't even think to call it. Anyway, I almost emptied my garbage can, but something came up and I stopped cleaning. Later saturday I hear a vibrating noise, search it out, and lo and beholed, my cell phone was in the bottom of the can I almost empried that day. Thank you Emily (who I haven't heard from for months) for calling my phone! I also found some of my makeup that I accused Rachel of stealing earlier that day. I have no clue how either of these items ended up in my can.

Today was a fun day. I am now feeling the pain of it( back is killing me), but it was still good. I finally got the garden started! I seem like an old fogey for my choice of hobby, But I love gardening! I got almost all the weeds pulled out, peas and beans planted and a couple dahlias. After seeing dahlias at the state fair last year I just had to get some to plant. My mom beat me to it and got me a box of 12 from Sam's club. I can't wait!!! The bulbs themselves look like obese mini octopuses, but the end product is so gorgeous!!

Trash, I have choir in the morning. Must go to bed now.


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