Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Me and my friend Gravity

You know what one thing I am truly consistant in doing? Dropping my deodorant at the perfect angle so that it shatters into a million peices. At least once a week I drop it, and once a month it shatters. I should start buying the travel ones so I don't waste so much when it shatters. You wouldn't think that deodorant could shatter, but yes, it does. Even with the lid on.

Weirdest thing happened yesterday. I woke up with a sore throat from Strep Hell. All day I couldn't swallow, tired and sore all over, practically drinking Chloraseptic throat spray and lots of hot chocolate. Cursing the world because I thought I would be without a voice for choir and the inability to swallow for the next week or so. I woke up this morning and it was almost completely gone. A little bit of nasal drainage(Oh sorry, were you eating?) but that's it. Voice back, swallowing fine. Is it possible to get strep for one day?

I worked all day in the garden today. I even got big bubbly blister(still eating?) from tilling. Planted lots more cosmos and bulbs. I'm seriously thing about changing my favorite flower to cosmos. I feel like I'm abandoning the lonely sunflower though. We've been such good friends these past 21 years. maybe I'll say they are both my favorite. I'll let you know.

Last night I watched The Bourne Ultimatum. It starts off exactly where it left off from the last one. I love the Bourne shows. So intense and great acting. Amazing photography as well. Aren't they making a fourth one? They better with the ending they left at.

Toni, I will definately come to the baby shower at work! That's so nice of you guys to that for Michelle!! Do I need to bring anything? Food or dessert or something? Maybe I'll go suck up to all the Group Leaders to get a job while I'm there. Who knows. It will be nice to see everyone again. that's the only place I've ever worked that I actually miss the people and the job.

Oh wow, I just saw pictures of Karli's Baby. SO CUTE!!! lots of dark hair and a big baby! I still can't get over that people my age are having kids. Or married even. It just doesn't feel real. I guess it won't really sink in until I get married. Perhaps. maybe I'm just a kid at heart an will be forever. I still feel like the shy girl in Mr. G's 6th grade class at Copper Hills playing with my nano baby, staring at Dustin Jackson when I should have been working. Our souls are the same I think. The body changes as we grow, but our real selves gain experience while staying the same.

Off to whiten my teeth, shower, pamper, and other girly things. I enjoy the garden, just not the dirt that comes with it. Especially whe that dirt is the same dirt my dogs poop in.

Laters, Bec

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  1. snot, blisters and dog poop. I love it.

    Yeah bring a dessert-y thing. :) And totally suck up to some people while you're here. Cindy says she misses you putting proposals together, cuz the other girl who does them (Besides me, I'm perfect of course) is an IDIOT.

    anyway, excited to see you!! :)