Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rule number 1

Blogger should have a rule that once you come online, you have to post s blog or your blog will be deleted. Seriously. Joe obviously the worst offender, then Tony, Shell, and occasionally Toni. though Toni posts a lot on myspace, so I forgive her. But the rest of you? POST!!!!

SO I bought some white shoes for the temple. All the customer ratings said order the exact shoe size you normally wear. So I did. They arrive and guess what? Like 2 sizes too small. I send it back for an exchange and just to be safe I order 1 1/2 sizes up so they'll be roomy. I got the replacements yesterday and how much bigger are they? about .3 of a size larger, yet the number is 1 1/2 up like I ordered. RETARDED. The really dumb thing is they charge a $5 exchange fee. Forget it. I'm sending them back for a refund. And writing a bad review for them. That's just rediculous. Big feet suck.

Orchestra again tonight. Hopefully we'll get our new music. I love the old stuff, but it's kind of memorized. Last week was the concert, but we were locked out of the building(did I already talk about this?) and it was cancelled. I find out tonight if it's going to be rescheduled. I'm so excited for the fall because I get my stand partner back! Hurry up and move Michelle!

I missed choir this morning. Forgot to set my alarm. Crapiness because I was on a role of perfect attendance.

Well, I'm off to sell shtuff on ebay. Tootles!


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  1. I know I know... I like, completely forgot about blogger for a while :) I will update!