Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shhh, don't tell

My Grandma and aunt are planning a baby shower in April for my sister Michelle. My mom asked me to make a slide show of Michelle's wedding and reception because a bunch of Michelle's friends who missed the reception will be there. Here's a bit of what I've been working on. Playing around with this software makes me want to be a wedding photographer. So fun! But don't tell Michelle, it's a surprise and all.

So today was stake conference. Good except the lady behind us would not shut her yapper. Then when we sand the song, she sang the soprano part- an octave down. I HATE it when people do that. If you can't sing the soprano part because it's too high, LEARN HOW TO READ MUSIC AND SING ALTO!! Singing an octave lower makes you sound like a man and a fool.

Sheesh. Rant of the week there.

I planted some Cosmos (colored daisy-like flowers for you non gardening people) in a pot in our kitchen four days ago. I wasn't thinking when I put the pot on a shelf in our kitchen. This shelf is directly over the heat vent. So BANG!! I have plants growing within four days of planting the seed. This is super fast and they will outgrow the pot before they'll be able to stand outdoor temps. Use brain next time Bec....thanks.

Poo, can think of nothing to write tonight. Going to bed now. Or maybe watch a movie. Haven't seen Bourne Ultimatum yet. Not the mist sunday worthy activity. But then again, it's 12:30 so technically Monday now. Happy St. Patty's day! Don't forget to wear green!


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  1. we're having a shower for her here at work... PLEASE COME????

    it'll be at noon on the 31st of march, in the multi-purpose room.