Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What year did Jesus think it was?

My brother comes up stairs and askas me if I want to go running with him at the track. I said "sure" and thought, hey I can only burn calories. Wrong-o bucko. We both Jogged one lap, and then starrted to die. Not because we were tired, but because the cold air was slashing at our lungs with daggers and swords. Kind of painful. After one lap we walked home with our jackets covering our mouths so we could get some warm air. We both collapsed on the couch gasping for warm air the second we came in the house. I guess we're going to get a pass to the rec center from now on so we don't die. I feel better about having done some exercise today.

I made baked apples the other day. The y turned out delicious! We put vanilla ice cream on them. Very very good stuff. Yesterday my mom trtried some of my herbal tea. She thought it was disgusting. She said it tasted like it was made from a bunch of spices. Well, ya Mom. They're called "tea leaves". Anyway, I'm the only one in my fam who like the stuff. Not even my little sis Rachel who likes everything out of the ordinary. Some days I just want someone to sit down with me and talk over a cup of tea.

HARRY POTTER COMES OUT FRIDAY!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! Rachel and I would go to see it at midnight, but she has school friday. so we are going to see it that evening. YAY!!! I've been waiting for it FOREVER! I am a pround Harry Potter freak. I love the books and have read them all at least four times each. YAY! HARRY POTTER!

Tonight I'm making apple dumplings. Yes, still have millions of apples, and I, unlike the rest of my family, am determined not to let them go to waste. Besides, it improves my cooking skills by using all brand new recipes. remember the french rolling pin I was talkking about a couple posts ago? It has totally warped and is now unfit for use. It's completely warped so the center is an arch. My mom threw away all the papers and info for it, so we can't return it. I DIDN"T EVEN GET TO USE IT YET! I am sooooo mad. I think it came from virginia. Would clmate make a difference? what kind of climate differences are their between utah and virginia! GEEZ!!! stupid rolling pin., stupid manufacturer of the rolling pin that lives in virginia. A thousand curses on his home and dog. Jerk.

Well, I must retire for the evening and attempt some apple dumplings. wish me luck! Oh, I watched Oprah today with my mom and sister. I now know what kind of bra and jeans to wear. thank goodness for Oprah. what would the world be without her? (sarcasm, sarcasm)
Tootles for today

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  1. whats the difference between a french rolling pin and a normal rolling pin