Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Early google days

I have a JOB! I called back to ask the manager a couple questions, and he asked if I could start on Monday of next week. YAY!!!!! I am so excited or this job, because it has room to advance up, and It pays a ton! Now I can get everyone really good presents for Christmas. Woot Woot.
I went to walmart and Reams this morning to shop for thanksgiving stuff. the only thing we're bringing to my aunts house is squash and apple juice, but my mom bought a whole cart load of food because she, "couldn't pass up such good deals". Heaven forbid. She even bought a 20 lb. turkey for cryin' out loud. She bought over $200 worht of food today. My mom is crazy when it comes to shopping.
Oh, I saw Michelle's sister, Kim at Reams too. Just a side note :)
I love Eggnog. I love it so much that I drank an entire quart of it in three hours yesterday. Make that two quarts, because I add milk to it to double it and dillute it. Yes yes, I love eggnog. It's sad you only see it in stores around the holidays.
It's fun going shopping with my mom around christmas. She never knows what to get me(except garlic stuff) so When I'm with her, I point stuff out to her and she puts it in the cart and says, "you didn't see that". It takes all the surprises out of Christmas, but hey, I'm getting the EXACT thing I want. you know, when they get you something close to what you want, and you like it, but you'd still rather have the exact thing? or is it just me? I dunno.
I must go and clean my room now. And I'm going to hang Christmas lights up in my window. Maybe I can convince my sister to help me put some outside too. We used to hang them up every year when i was little, , but now we never do it. I need to start the tradition again. every house needs Christmas lights at Christmas. It should be a law. I agree with Karli though, people shouldn't turn them on until after Thanksgiving. that's just stupid.

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