Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die

I went to Rachel's Senior Granite Youth Concert tonight. I was quite impressed. They had some difficult songs that they played quite well for high school students. The last song they performed was Bachenalle from Samson and Delilah. I've played that in Granite Youth, Utah Youth Orchestra, and Utah Youth Symphony. It brings back such memories. Makes me want to play in an orchestra again.
I've been looking at SLCC's class schedule's for the Spring semester next year (2006). I have a whole schedule planned out in case I go. I figured I can work all of November and December, Hopefully get a music scholarship and my pell grant, go to school while working part time and Buy a car in January, and In July move to Orem and transfer to UVSC for the Fall Semester. I'd have a car, and be financially stable. I think that's what I', going to try for right now. If I get the Job with my Brother at Unisys I'll be making $10/hr. So If I get that job everything will work out.
Right now I'm wearing the shirt Michelle gave me that was too big for her. Very cute shirt. Very femme. Halloween was fun and I was glad I got to stay overnight for another day. Michelle, Toni and Joe are crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Yesterday I gave Michelle and Toni about half of the apples we got from a lady in our ward. Tonight my Grandma came to Rachel's concert and said she had something for us when it was over. She gave us a Huge turkey(that she had lying around) and TWO FULL BAGS OF APPLES. she has two apple trees at her house, and she decided to pick them yesterday. So, once again we have a million apples in our kitchen. I need to find some serious apple recipes and do some cooking for the neighbors. HOLY APPLES!
I feel like playing my viola. But everyone's asleep so I can't. Darn
I suppose I should go to bed so I don't wake up with a migraine like I did this morning for staying up all night reading last night. Goodnight to all, I will continue my adventures tomorrow. Oh, Toni, If I haven't sent you the pictures from Orem by the time you have read this, send me an email to remind me because I have forgotten. Note to self: Make Picture CD for Shell too.
Bec Bec

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