Saturday, November 12, 2005

It was a Hot cheetos kind of day

I sit here at my computer eating my faithful friend Mr. hot cheetos. What a friend, to let me eat him. I was awake half the night because of my retarded cats. they kept fighting, puking, peeing on my carpet, howling, clawing and running around ballistically. I eventually blocked of my room(I couldn't close the door because I don't have one) so theycould come in. But then they crawled and clawed up my blockade to make sure I didn't fall asleep for more than half an hour at a time. I slept in until 1PM today because I didn't get any sleep last night. i wanted to strangle them last night. And guess what they are BOTH doing this very minute? SLEEPING! ON MY BED!Stupid cats.
Yesterday I put lotion on my feet afte my shower. I didn't realize how much I had been neglecting it. They are nice and smooth today. You lucky little pampered feet you.
I've been listening to Brian Setzer's Boogie Woogie Christmas on my computer. Cool Christmas Music. you should hear it. Greenday should put out a Christmas Album. that would be cool.
I went to Cyprus the other day to play in the orchestra and take my sister to lunch. HIgh school kids are very small, immature, and stupid. I really hope we were never like that. I never want to be a high school teacher. maybe elementary, but nothing else. OOOUUUCHH!! My elbows are very dry and cracked, so I put Arm and Hammer medicated lotion on. Big mistake. Holy BURN! youch. It must physically burn away the dead cracked skin and give you a whole new layer of epidermis. sheesh.
I must go now and bake some apples. Yes the same ones I had a million of before. Hey Toni and Michelle, did you guys make a pie yet? I hope you put the apples to better use then my family has. They are probably going to get thrown out soon. oh well.
Must get going now. Have to go to Walmart and buy some carpet cleaner for the cat puke on my floor before I can bake apples. tootles

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  1. Yes, becca they were put to very good use. We used them to make two pies and a lot of apple butter. Thank you again for those glorious apples!!! They were yummy.