Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The weather is here. Wish you were beautiful

Ahh. the after Thanksgiving blues and the transition into the Christmas season. I just found out they are going to have the Candy windows downtown this year! YAY! I was so upset when they stopped the tradition a couple years ago. Can you believe I didn't see the lights downtown last year? yep. I broke my tradition. My family just didn't have the time. But I am definately going this year, even if it's by myself.
I went to the mall yesterday with my mom and sister. I hate christmas shopping with no money. I don't start my job until monday, so if they hold my check the first two weeks, I'll probably be giving everyone their presents a couple weeks late. You'll get them though! My sister is getting her ears pierced this month, and so we stopped at a couple jewelry shops and checked out earrings. My mom probably bought 6 pair of earrings for my sister. She never did that for me! not fair. But I noticed her looking at things I had asked for, so it's all good.
I woke up this morning with a cat staring at my face. He was cold and wanted under the blankets. Later when I got home, he was sitting on the heat vent in my mom's room. Poor cold kitty. The other cat, Joey, just sleeps on pillows all day. Just her head though, just like a human. funny creatures cats are.
We are having a thanksgiving dinner today. We dodn't really enjoy it at my aunts house, and my mom bought everything for a turkey dinner with all the sales going on. So we are having ours tonight. YAY! I was even thinking about going out to the shed and bringing in all the Christmas decorations and making the house look festive. I wanted to put lights up on the house outsided, but since it snowed, it's kind of cold. I still want to though.
I'm supposed to find out this week if I got the other job at IHC or not. I hope so. they have really good benefits, a good atmosphere, and right in the middle of downtown. I love downtown. Lots of excitement and things happening all the time. If I don't get this job as a Patient Service Rep, then I'll go to the one at shred pro. Either way I'll have a job. So all is well with the world.
Well, I must be off to help with the turkey dinner and peel some tators for mumsy. Tootles to ya'll


  1. thats funny. every time you get a job you have anotherone hiding up your sleve for a rainy first day. interesting...

  2. Becca,

    You are the awsomest, best person that I know! Congrats on the job, by the way. I've been meaning to tell you that for a while. I'll call you as soon as I get off work. Okay?