Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

Alright, alright, I'm updating Tony. I went and saw Madagascar today. Kind of a cute show, really short though. Today was my sister's last day of school. meaning I have been graduated from high school for one year. It just doesn't register in my head that I'm past that chapter in my life. Mike and Randy are jammin with their guitars right now in my living room. I guess they're playing at grad night on thursday. fun stuff.
Well, I've been enjoying my three days off, but now it's back to work again tomorrow. Although Tony is there now, it might not be so dull anymore. My revolution has begun. No more spending my money on anything. I have to save for a car. Once I have a car, I can go work where I want, move out where ever I want, and be FREE! Michael(the brother michael) Went and played with SLCC's marching band today. they needed more trumpets, and he knows people in the band. Randy and the Tomcats are all back together and practising all the tiime, And Rachel is going to a music camp in a couple of weeks. EVERYONE IS PLAYING THEIR INSTRUMENTS EXCEPT ME! I am going crazy! you can only play your solo songs so much until it drives you mad. I need to play in an orchestra! I'm calling SLCC to see if I can come play with theirs, if not, I'll try west valley symphony. My viola calls to me all day long. It's crying to be played with other violas. I'm worried I'm losing my touch too. Ok, I'm getting depressed again. new subject.
The infection on my face is finally going away. I get cists on my face that get infected all the time. This last one was really bad though. I've had it for about a month. It's finally starting to go away. YAY! I'm still going to the dernitologist though to get it checked out, so if I get anymore, I know what to do. Okay, enough about my bodily functions.
As most of you know, I am addicted to garlic, and if you didn't know this, how dare you call me friend. Anyway, I found this book today entitled,"Garlic". It's all recipes of garlic dishes. The kitchen has been beckoning me all day to cook some of them. I almost feel bad for my future husband. I eat garlic at least three times a week, and I doubt I'll ever grow out of it.
You know that song about destroying some dudes sweater? that's what they are singing right now. Odd people are in my house.
Well, I have to go take a shower, and find my stuff for work. Oh, Tony, I'll apply for lunch some time around noon. so be in the lunch room around then, OK?
See all you people's later


  1. Ugh Weezer. Yucky.

  2. Duude, the Sweater Song, that's Weezer!!! Best freaking band in the world, seriously...