Thursday, June 30, 2005

Migraine day

well the day has come again for my monthly migraines. I'm missing work because of it too. I am so pumped with drugs right now I'm worried I might have overdosed. I took my usual vitamins, calcium and magnesium, my acne junk, and excedrin, and my lovely frined Relpax. no wonder I feel like puking, my stomach is probably trying not to impload right now.
Lovely, my cat just threw up. gotta love animals.
Some lady called from the church office building today wanting to know why I haven't turned in my keys and my badge from when I used to work there. I told her I brought it in about a month ago. apparently they lost them, or they were stolen from the desk where I turned them in. I feel bad because they might have to change the locks and the security codes, but it's not my fault and I wasn't going to let the lady blame me for it. She was really grumpy about it too. some people.
Ugh. my mom is making fries right now. The smell of the cooking grease is making me even more sick. I'd go outside, except thar it's too hot, and David is keeping me entertained online right now. He's been giving me reasons my height is the cause of my migraines. i.e.
maybe I get nausiated because heights make me naucious, or I'm so tall, that blood has a hard time getting up there so it builds up extra pressure the gushes to my head thus causing migraines. He has a ..........great........ sense of humor. :)
I went to summerhays the other day to get new strings and some polish, and found out that it will be about $50 to get a bridge fitted to my viola. fifty freakin bucks! I've probably spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars contributing to my music life. Stringed instrruments require too much attention. Michelle can attest to this I'm sure.
Well, My brain doesn't want to function much longer, so I'm going to lie down for a while. Oh, we all need to do something around the fourth. I have the 4,5, and 6 off in July, Let me know your schedules and we can plan something. Maybe our traditional BBQ? I haven't seen you guys forever! tootles

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  1. Who is David? Hey, I was wondering, and nothing has been said yet, are you still coming to UVSC? We definately need to do something. I'm off at six on Monday, but I can't come to SL. HMMM