Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A loverly day

It's only loverly because I don't have to go to work. I love having three days off a week. For fathers day my brother and I pitched in a hundred dollares each to buy my dad a good BBQ. When he opened up the envelope with the money in it, he almost cried, and then got all teary-eyed. then he told us to save our money and go to college. You could tell he was realy surprised and happy about it. I got the warm fuzzies and everything. Good day.
My new viola came from ebay yesterday. The bridge is garbage and it needs a new one, but other than that, its awsome. And it came with two bow. I now have a grand total of six bows. Makes me feel,...........bwa ha ha, the lord of the bows..............anyway, it's a really pretty viola, and has a nice deep sound.
I had a slurpee for the first time in about a year. It was a green hawaiian punch slurpee. very tasty. yum yum.
I checked out a website that my bro Randy has been on for a while. yes, It's an online dating, match-up thing, but it's all LDS people, its free to write messages, and there are lots of decent looking guys, most of which are RM's. its called my profile is still going through the process of review, so it's not up yet. but Randy's and Danny's are on there. just thought I'd mention it in case any one is interested.
Hmmm. I'm just munchin' on some hot cheetos as I think of something enlightening to write about. Toni started work this week taking calls in his new team. He sits righ across from me. So cool. Have you ever noticed how much hot cheetos really burn your tongue when you really think about it? I LOVE these things! Heck, if they ever stop making these, I'll die. I'll have to start up a petition to get them back and do a whole campaigning thing to get them back, lets just hope that never happens. *shudder*
I suppose I should go do something productive other than write down my thoughts. I think when I stop writing in this blog, I'll print all the pages and stick them in my journal. Or I'll just save it to a USB device or something. who knew a little peice of plastic and metal would replace a journal. weird. Well, off to do something other than write. tootles!

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