Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Have it your way

Work Work Work. That's all I;ve been up to tha past month or so. I work ten hour days, so it seems like I'm there forever. Having three days off is extremely nice though. I'm going through the day all happy and fine, ,when all of a sudden i think,"Oh No! I have work tomorrow, I need a shower, I need to iron my pants, I need a lunch!" then I realize I still have one more day off. A very calming thought. Speaking of work, I got a new team manager. he's really cool, ,but like to stick to the rules pretty strict. His second day beong my manager, my alarm got unplugged and I was and hour late. what a way to leave an impression. He asked me to help him write down all of our stats on the stat board the other day, so apparently he doesn't hate me too bad.
I went to the doctors last week and got poked and prodded at. My doc is having me try this new prescription for Migraines, because the old stuff I was using apparently has long term side affects that could be harmful to my brain. I'm now on Relpax. it's a little orange pill that manages to do something to my blood vessels in my brain to prevent the migraines. He also gave me meds for my face. ya ya, apparently I had a mild case of acne. the joys of puberty. you thinkI'd be done with it by now, but no, It likes to stick around me.
We just finished watching a movie called "fire me please". It's about two people that get different jobs, and whoever gets fired the closest to 3pm without going past 3pm wins $25,000 bucks. heck, I'd do it.
Crap. I'm getting a Migraine right now. I worked out in the garden for a couple hours, but I didn't wear any sunglasses. I always get a headache after being out in the sun. i hate headaches. I would ratther have a stomach ache than a headache. you can still think and function when you have a stomach ache. You can tune it out. But not a headache. CRAPPAGE! I just got this prescription and haven't filled it yet. I'm going to have to go to the store, fill it, and then come home and take it. What a pain.
I searched the internet for wedding cakes the otherday. I have so many Ideas that i want to try. I'll have lots of cake around next week on my days off, so you all have to come and get some. I don't even like cake that much. just decorating it is the fun part. well, must be off, we are having our family night tonight because we couldn't yesterday. we are watching the wrok and the glory. fun stuff. happy trails to you all. I'll post pics of some of tha cakes I'm going to try. Tootles

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