Tuesday, June 07, 2005

There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it

Ahhh, sleeping in. one of my favorite things. I slept in today until eleven. so nice. I gave Jack a bat today. he only howled once. now he is sitting bext to me on the bed with a very content look on his face. think he is happy because he s clean. you know, that refreshing renewed feeling after you take a shower? like that.
My new scale came today. I was sick of my old one that is never right, plus it's ugly. My new one is very modern looking and digital, I'll post a pic of it. When it got here this morning we ripped it open and all took turns weighing ourselves. I stayed the same weight all five times I was weighed. Randy somehow managed to gradually gain five pounds within 5 minutes. He blamed it on the swelling of his knee. Probably his head was my guess. Rachel wouldn't weigh herself in front of Randy. She knew he would just make fun of her.
Tomorrow I am going to the library. I have four books on cake decorating waiting there for me. I've always loved cake decorating, and I have all the stuff to do it. I want to do the real thing now. I got a pamphlet from Michael's on the classes they give on decorating. Wouldn't it be so awsome to make your own wedding cake? I'm sure it would be stressful at that time, and I'll probably go out and just buy one, but still. It's really fun, and I love designing new things food-wise.
Geez! Randy bought pizza, it's sitting right next to me, calling to my stomach. It smells so delectable right now. I'm not hungry though, I just had dinner. Pizza just has the best smell! They should make pizza scented air fresheners. It would be good advertising. what makes you wants to buy pizza more than actually smelling a fresh baked one? I'd buy some! I should invent it. And I'll make a fresh homemade bread scented one too.
Last night I played around with my new/used camera. I lent $320 to Randy for a new camera that he wants. he needed it now because they don't make that model anymore so he had to buy it before they were all gone. Part of the deal was he would give me his current digital camera. I guess it was time for me to join the band wagon in digital camera's, so I gave in. I've taken a couple pictures, but nothing blog worthy yet. I'll keep you posted though.
Tony found out the other day that he has the same team manager as I do. We'll be in the same area and everything! yay! I'll finally have someone to talk to and bum rides off of.
Kiera's wedding invitation came today. She is marrying her boyfreind of six months, Bennion in the salt lake temple on June 24th. First Angela, and now her. I always though they would be in the group of people to get married first from our class. hey, I wonder if she has her cake ordered yet? lol.
CRAPPAGE! that pizza smells so darn freakin good!!........................ok, I asked Randy for a piece and am eating it now while I type with one hand. Pizza is one of my favorite foods, so I indulge once in a while .
Ok, we are back to two hands now. I also took a minute and brushed jack before he completely dries. His fur is all stuck together and still moist. He came on the keyboardagain to visit, I figured I might as well brush him while he's in front of me. he's a cutey.
I need to take a shower and go to bed now. Staying up late messes up my schedule for work. so off to beddy bye.


  1. crappage!!! It looked like CABBAGE! at first. i giggled and then realized you werent talking about a vegtable......sigh... im hungry. I only have gas money. not enough money to buy food so. today i guess i dont get to eat.
    sad I know ó¿ò <~~~~ isnt that cool GEEEE! joe needs to update. tell joe he should update.

  2. It's strange that Kiera is getting married. She sent me an invitation, too. What's with all these people?

  3. GEE! GEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! update!!! jeeze we work at the same place and still you never talk to me...... your fired. *pouts* GEE!