Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Nothing like a weekend of falling apart.

-Steven's glasses snapped in half at the bridge

-My temporary crown from Friday fell off last night at 2am

-An infection in my underarm has come back and the only way to get rid of it now is probably surgery.

-I had to cut off part of a beautiful ham to get it to fit in my crockpot.

Ok, that last one isn't too terrible, but I wanted it whole and pretty.

The next couple weeks are going to busy and not very fun. I need a little General Conference to boost me. Perfect timing!

I can't complain though(even though I just did), I have a home to live in, wonderful friends and family, jobs, food to eat, cars that work, the true gospel and a loving husband to trek through it all with.

That's all I suppose.

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