Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Christmas 2012

These were all posted online to facebook, but I thought  I'd add them here as well.

Christmas Eve we went to the Thacker Christmas party at Steven's sister's house. Every year do the nativity and the kids dress up while someone reads from the bible. Then we sing carols. I love it!

                                  We do a mini talent show too. Lots of musical people !

Steven got a set of giant reeses cups

Like SUPER giant!

Brett got one of our white elephant gifts of a gaint box of chips from sam's club with salsa. He loved it :)

Jeanette's new baby Macey got the most ADORABLE hat! Everyone kept calling her the who from whoville.

Steven's mom and Garry

The little chocolate covered cherry mice I made for the party

After Christmas Steven and I went to temple square to see the lights with my parents and Rachel. It was so warm we were all taking our coats off. But beautiful nonetheless!

Christmas morning we went to my parents house after we opened most of our own.

Annual sibling picture!

Michael and Randy both got knives at the same time. Becky was a tad nervous

The dogs prints made by Rachel

Toby resting his head on my new piano bench

Rachel made these cute bodice pincushions for the girls in the family

Our Newlywed Christmas

We kind of had an unspoken contest of who could come up with the best gift tags. Some were sweet, funny, and risque. I saved all of them :)

Both of us with our loot.

Our tree minus the star that we bought after Christmas on clearance at target.

Steven really impressed me with his present wrapping skills. We had designer looking gifts. Took forever though, probably won't ever look that nice again!

My earrings to match my wedding ring! Gorgeous!!!

Steven wrapped this wrench for Lema so he wouldn't guess what it was. :D

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