Thursday, March 01, 2012

Brad's Surprise Birthday Party

November 21st we woke up early on to get ready for Steven's brother in law's birthday party. We also woke up to a quaking duck in our yard. 

We weren't sure if it was hurt or stuck or what. We just worried because we get lots of cats in our yard and didn't want them to eat it.

We called animal control and they said to just leave it alone.

I went out and tried to coax it out of our yard, but it wouldn't have any of it. Then Steven went out and it finally flew away. Kind of an interesting thing to see :)

 Then we headed to the bowling alley to set up for the party.

Jamie had these super cute cupcakes made for the party. Bowling pins and balls. They were delish!

Jamie also made  homemade suckers with these fun tags on them. They were different shapes and flavors and everyone loved them!

Brad was surprised and had no idea about the whole thing. Jamie had been planning it forever and was so worried he would find out.

Most of both sides of the family came. It was really cool. I never thought I'd like a surpise party, but if I had one like this, I wouldn't mind!

We a;; had pizza and a couple games of bowling. the food was AWESOME and the bowling was fun. Bonwood bowling was great.

Steven and I got Brad some readers as he just turned 40 :D

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  1. This made me smile. It sure was a great party- thanks for all you did to help. On a side note, Trevor loves the reader glasses. He tries to do his homework with them on but can't see! Love that kid!