Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's a camera dump post!

In October we headed to Red Robin for the Oktoberfest pretzel bun burger. So delish!

Steven's supervisor was impressed with something Steven did at work that day, so he got a star planted on his forehead. :)

Scary giant inflatable Santa at Lowes. I think it was 20 ft.

October birthdays in Steven's family. Steven's sister Jeanette made this cute barbie cake.

David's birthday too!

Steven send me pictures when he goes to Sam's club for groceries of what he wishes we could buy:

1 year at his job in October!!! Yay!

Steven's Niece and Nephew were in the Junior High's play of Bye Bye Birdie so we went to see it. Lots and LOTS of teenage girls screaming our ears off, but I was surprised how well the play was done!

I draw pictures while I teach primary because it seems to grab their attention a bit more.  HEre is the story of the first vision. Don't judge the artwork :)

Steven's pancaked reeses tree. I love how he sends me random pictures throughout the day :)

In January we celebrated Mom, Dad and Randy's birthdays. Geeky birthday hats included!

Lots of flame to be had!!!

Two weeks ago we went to little Macey's blessing. Such a cutie! Plus it was nice to have a week off from teaching primary.

Randy and Becky had everyone over for dinner last month and we played games afterwards. We played "Would you rather" and it had lots of interesting challenges. Steven had to drink out of a cup like a cat, Michelle had to do a belly dance, and Rachel had to hold a crazy face for 5 minutes. It was hilarious!

Steven grew up with a trampoline and absolutely loves them. We were at his sister's for dinner and he pulled out all the stops and did some flips for me

Steven's sister Janeen has a little girl, Ruby. She has a bouncer, but doesn't exactly bounce, it's more of a spazzing out, but is hilarious!

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