Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Past goodies

Thought I'd catch up with some pictures from months ago. I'm trying to organize all the files and folders and come up with a system on my computer so Steven can back it up for me. While going through everything, I keep finding pictures that the world has never seen. Naturally they come here.

Rachel made a massive pan of cinnamon rolls and overstuffed the dough in the pan. I warned her they need room to expand OUT as well as up. She crammed them in anyway. Here is her happy result. Gargantuous cinnamon rolls! She was very proud. They tasted delicious anyway.

A LONG time ago (I honestly can't remember when) I took family pictures for Megan's family at Wheeler Farm. It was really fun doing such a big group, and little Hope was the entertainment as usual. Hilarious girl! These are my two favorites. The whole family:

And Megan. (Yeah, she's my coworker and she's awesome and GORGEOUS!)

Eons ago, Steven had surgery and did the beard, then goatee thing. Whilst shaving off the goatee I begged him to let me see him with a stash. He calls it his Mexi-stash. He does kind of look like Zorro with it :) I know he hated how it looked, so here's just a close up of the stash.

We had Chinese New year with the Yuen's who live one street over. They do this every year and I've always been too lazy to get out of bed Saturday morning to participate. Not this year! They had the dragon dance (awesome), firecrackers, and tons of DELICIOUS food made by Charlie and Chili. Elysia had just gotten home about a week or two before, so this was like her homecoming at the same time.

A BUCKET of wontons. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Try to imagine this picture isn't blurry (a friend took the pic) and we look like we're freezing and wind whipped. It was SO cold that day.

We used to have these all the time when we were little. I'm pretty sure we only ever got them from the Yuen's. They're like a vanilla tootsie roll wrapped in rice paper that you dissolve in your mouth. They are delish!

Rachel participated in a Relief Society activity where she had to act out a biblical character and tell about her life. She was of course, assigned Rachel. She did really well and even dressed up for the part.

Who knew Rachel from the Bible was a rapper :)

Still 3 more posts of pictures in the works! Life has been busy as usual but great. We're getting our house cleaned and organized. I broke a clock yesterday and found out that the curtain rod I bought for our room is too short. It's going well :S.

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  1. yea! you posted :-) ha ha.. JK. and once again we LOVE the pics you took... we've now got 2 new people (and almost 3) that we need to add to our family pics... so perhaps we'll be calling you again!