Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where I don't agree with the "sleeping together as soon as possible" thing, I thought this was funny. Steven Is always roasting like an oven in bed, while I'm usually an icicle. Sometimes I get hot (on rare occasion,) but this is what it's usually like. He lets me hug him anyway even though I cook him :)

I've got cooking and lots to do this weekend. A baby shower, Father's day, and then a family reunion next week to start worrying about. Two days ago we actually started going through the wedding decorations and gifts to put them away. Too much! I love having a house, but it just means 10 times more STUFF lying around. It never ends! I'd really like to start decorating and arranging things how I want, but not till' we get things cleaned and organized.

My camera had an incident with some lemonade and is probably dead forever. Since then I've been using Steven's mom's. Now if I can just find the cable to get the pictures I have taken on my computer. The stress since the wedding has decreased significantly, yet life is busy as ever. It's okay though, I'm lovin' it. (mmm, french fries sound good about now.)


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