Wednesday, November 18, 2009

They Ain't Kidding

Ah, wonderful Ricola cough drops. A gazillion times better than "Halls" trash attempt at a decent tasting cough drop. My dad gave me a bag of these delightful things because I exhausted our family supply of cough drops yesterday. He actually had them in his dresser drawer, hidden away from non-worthy throats. That's how sacred these things are.

It's like sucking on a piece of honey flavored candy that magically makes your throat feel better without menthol vapors oozing out every pore in your body like other cough drops... THAT good.

One complaint though. I have the "Honey Herb" flavor. And when they say herb, they mean "ooh, let's dump 10 spices in this sucker and see if it helps" kind of herb. And not finely ground into a powder spices, WHOLE FREAKING SPICES. After each cough drop I am picking out spices from my teeth like I opened a bottle of italian seasoning, downed half of it and munched away. You see how this can get annoying?

In other news, did anyone see the Meteor or hear it last night? Rachel and I heard the big BOOM, and Michael said his window wells lit up like daytime. I wish I could have seen it outside. That would be awesome. Rachel is peeved because she sat outside for half an hour trying to catch at least a shooting star, came in, and later the meteor came by. Our family is big on meteor showers and usually sit outside when one comes around.

I was told by the doctors today to gargle with Benadryl & Maalox to help my throat. Where exactly does one find "liquid" Benadryl? And how could either of those possibly make my throat feel better? I have no idea, but I'll try anything right now. Do you know how weird it is not to swallow for an hour? Fighting the urge is such an unnatural thing, try it sometime.

My family is all off celebrating Lema's birthday without me. I've been banned from coming because I might be contagious. Hence the rambling blog post about absolutely nothing. So what do I do? Find all my bass heavy songs on my computer and blast them with the bass up ALL the way. :D If you live nearby and hear a rumbling, yeah, it's probably me. I love my subwoofer. We tight.


  1. Children's Benedryl comes in liquid. I recommend cherry and the mint maalox. Isn't half bad. I use them to get rid of my canker sores. The maalox is an antacid, so it helps sooth, and the benedryl actually numbs it a little. Don't swallow or you'll be tres sleepy. :)

  2. Dude. you're funny. I have to hookups to a subwolfer in the Aveo...Can you just see that. Bass way up high in my tiny