Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

This year we had Thanksgiving at our house instead of with the extended family. Which meant I cooked everything my mom didn't get around to while attending the bird in the oven. Though surprisingly Rachel and Michael helped out a bit in the kitchen. It was quite the experience the day before as we moved all the living room furniture into Randy's room so we could set up tables. Luckily Randy was actually home and helped (for once).

Anyway, everything worked out in the end and we had a great thanksgiving day. Now onto the pictures!

Here's my sad little plate waiting to be piled with mountains of food.

And here's the plate with it's array of colorful goodness waiting to be eaten.

Everyone on the Easr side of the tables

The West side (gangsta) of the tables.

Our "Thanksgiving tree" from the country of LAME-ZOR. Why we put it up early November I'm still trying to understand. At least Rachel and I get to decorate it while my parents are in California. We'll make it rock.

Randy's girlfriend Becky and her son Carter joined us this year for our meal. It was fun having them with us and getting to know Becky better. I have SO much in common with her. It's awesome. We even have the same camera! And Carter was hilarious through the day, very entertaining.

The one picture (out of MANY) Randy actually smiled in came out blurry. figures.

My mom wanted the butter in pretty dishes. So I made it interesting :D

The parentals

Carter LOVED the olives. Becky had to bribe him with olives so he would eat everything else on his plate.

Rachel and me holding the pies that we didn't make. Yeah, they were store bought. But we thought we'd be cool anyway and get a picture with them.

Miles also had a thing for the olives. He knows what they are and knows to hold out a finger so we can put it on the tip. He's adorable as usual.

Oh, the big ugly box behind Miles in the video is the new pots & Pans set my dad got for my mom for thanksgiving. They are SO nice! Non-stick, glass lids, oven safe, etc. I'm excited because I know I'll use them just as much as my mom!

Up next CHRISTMAS!!! Get ready for baking overload, an explosion of decorations, and cool stuff overkill. Of course documented through photographs. December is my busy month, expect lots of posts!


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