Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's 4:30am, yes, I'm blogging.

The sister has now gone to bed, the boyfriend is asleep at home (how rude of him not to be at my beck and call to talk online) and I'm awake, bored out of my mind. I'm almost completely better from this stupid state of sickness, but alas, I've picked up an uber retarded sleeping schedule from it. I would sleep when I was tired, which was alternating about every four hours. Thus me being awake at this crazy hour of 4am.

Despite feeling recovered for the most part, I'm staying home from church tomorrow (*ahem* today) just to be precautious because I teach the young primary kids and wouldn't want to get them sick. Although when I think about it, every time I've been sick the past two years, I can probably trace it back to someone in my class.......maybe I should return the favor (insert evil grin/cackle). Oh, the woes of being a primary teacher.

Strike that, I can hear Rachel coughing her brains out in bed. Randy has had a cold and I guess he gave it to her. I feel bad, she's teaching primary tomorrow when it's my turn, again. But I know they both don't have what I have, I have coughed maybe 3 times in the past month. All they do is cough. Nope. Not the same sickness.

Alright, I have had my say for the night. I'm going to try and sleep. or maybe I'll go cook something. Hooray for being able to swallow again after 2 weeks! Boo to the pounds that will ensue from such swallowing!

Night/Morning all.

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