Thursday, November 05, 2009

YSA Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point

For the Stake fall activity we went to Thanksgiving point to the Larry H. Miller cornmaze. Turns out it was more than just a cornmaze. They made it into a full carnival of sorts. Mostly geared toward younger children, but it was still fun. The corn maze was actually pretty lame and made no logical sense, but we finished it anyway. Thankfully we had Steven who figured it all out for our group.

They had a giant rocking chair in the middle of it all, so we all took turns sitting in it. Don't ask me it's purpose, I don't really know.

A pikachu pumpkin!

Lehi in the chair. It becomes him I think.

Steven bought this beast for the sole purpose of being able to say that he ate a footlong corndog.

He was quite excited.

Everyone recovering and eating after the cornmaze.

Caleb waiting for the hayride.

Amber being her cheerful self

Back view of the hayride. It was quite the bouncy ride, and really fun. Probably the best part of the whole activity.

Steven and the chair of glory. "Don't mess with my rocking chair, yo"

The awesome Hatch's

Brittany on the bull ride. She stayed on for a long time, I was impressed.

A giant inflated dinosaur, thing. We didn't go inside to see what it was, other than a dinosaur. Guess we'll just have to wonder.

I still don't see the point of this chair, but whatever.

The tower of carved pumpkins.

A pumpkin carved as Hinkley, can you get cooler than that?

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  1. Steven looks so happy and you two look so cute together! :)