Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sam & Colten 3.25.09

My cousin Samantha got married on Wednesday, so we all packed up and went to american fork for the day. What have I been saying? EVRYONE I know is getting married! Have you noticed how much I've been posting pictures of them lately?

Anyway, onto the pictures. Instead of a sign in book, they did a sign in quilt. You write your well wishes on a piece of fabric with a fabric pen, and after the wedding my aunt is going to assemble it. Cute Idea I thought.

Here's Sam trying on her dress. I didn't get a good picture at the reception, so I borrowed this one from her facebook :) Gorgeous dress though. Allyse's Bridal 2009 line. Ahhh, love wedding dresses.

Of sourse, my favorite, the cake. i love all the different designs people come up with these days.

The Grandmas playing with Miles. Squishy little cheeks.

The Centerpieces

Flowers for the bride

Her shoes. I guess she was walking around barefoot the whole reception. I would too in those suckers. She was wearing them for the wedding though. When she came down the isle, they peeked out from under the dress.

Cute pictures and sign that were at the entrance of the reception room.

More pictures of my gorgeous cousin and her shoes.

the vintage wedding topper. I forgot to ask if it was the same one that was on her mom's cake. I'll find out.

As favors, they had a candy buffet. Such a cute Idea I've seen on lots of wedding blogs and magazines. It was yummy!

Couldn't help myself. I'm obsessed with wedding cakes!

I love weddings, but I sure am getting exhausted! This Friday was also another wedding. Josh King used to be our family's home teacher. He moved to Washingon last year to go back where he was born, and met his wife there. they had there reception in Riverton. Sadly, I was pooped from lots of cleaning plus spraying the whole back yard for weeds, so I didn't go. So no pictures from that one.

Have I satisfied all you wedding pictures cravings by now? I hope so! I don't know of any more friends or family getting married (yet) this year, so maybe I'll get a break. Or maybe mine will be next? Who knows?.......................

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  1. Love your posts, especially that adorable nephew of yours. His mom must be gorgeous! :)
    FYI, a few things were mispelled in your post. Were you writing this one at 5am? tsk tsk....