Saturday, March 28, 2009

Single. Single? Yes, Single.

I just stumbled upon this wicked website that reads into my soul.

It's written by a male, but he seems to know the females of the church/world pretty well. I was laughing like crazy. You just have to read it. Go, I'll wait. Did you go?

Anyway, it made me reflect a bit on being single, 22 (23 in three weeks) and mormon. I'm cool living with cats and my dog when I'm 50 all by myself. Plus having how many weddings this year involving my friends (6?) Whatever. I've come to terms that it's a possiblity that's how my life might turn out. I'm not throwing up my hands and giving up, per se, but rather putting my life in God's hands and his time. I'm living a good life, doing what I'm supposed to, go to church and the temple regularly (I'm in primary, I haven't missed but once in the last 6 months!) Have a great family and awesome friends (Yes you guys reading this!!!), so I can't complain.

Just thought I'd let you know.


  1. Hahaha!! That site is a hit and miss with me. I can relate to parts of it but I'm such a feminist that other parts piss me off. Like their article about sister missionaries and how people don't want to know that you've gone on a mission. I think that statement is juts retarded. Of course it gets annoying when ANYONE gets super intense and starts talking your ear off about their mission and how it was the best mission ever but it applies to BOTH MALE AND FEMALES.

    I guess I'm just a bitter feminist? Hahahaha! And THAT is why I'm single ^___^

  2. why hello! your sister just told me about your blog so i hope you don't mind me checking it out! you are a great photographer!!

  3. Hey bec! I'm surprised I even was able to log in to leave a comment :) I miss you. Well, I hope things are well. Maybe I'll see you again one of these days!

  4. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Try dating. That helps with the 'being single' thing. Sometimes.