Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ah, the green-ness of it all

This weekend we planted plants, pulled weeds, played with dogs, and planted a tree. This is one of the bulbs out front. I think it has chicken pox.

This is the first bloom in my garden this season. Oddly enough the plant it grew from didn't have flowers last year. The bees are messing with my plants' DNA. Also this picture is my entry for The Creative Wall photo blog that you should all join!

This one is actually a weed. But a pretty weed. A pretty weed that was promptly killed after the shot.

About a week ago I planted some dahlia bulbs in a section of dirt that had no other plants in it. Fast forward to yesterday. I go outside and find this specimen. Wondering what the heck they could be seeing how I didn't plant anything else, I decided to pull them out.

Answer to the mystery? My mom and another one of ther practical jokes. Last year she put a full grown store bought radish in the ground where I had planted seeds a week before. She's an odd one :)

Me and my bountiful harvest. Actually, they were full of that powder candy. My mom saw them at All a Dollar with my sister Michelle, and they schemed in on it together.

Why so much green you ask? St. Patty's day!!! here we have green jello, green punch, green koolaid, and green sour cream.

Wouldn't be the green day without corned beef and cabbage (or as we make it, New England Boiled Dinner)

Always cook the cabbage last or in a seperate bowl, because it takes half as long to cook as the other veggies. Secret ingredient? Caraway seed in the veggies and meat.

Oh, another green thing. Green rolls.

All the veggies. Carrots, red potatoes, turnip, parsnip, rutabega & onions. I totally forgot to take a picture of the meat. We always get flat cut corned beef. never buy point cut, it's covered in fat and hard to eat. Pay extra, it's worth it.

And of course, my holiday sugar cookies!! Ok, they flattened out a bit because the butter was too soft, but you get the idea.

MMMmmm, sugar............

Oh, random note, karly Spencer is married! I had no clue until I saw her new name on facebook. She was in so many of my classes all through elementary school. we also went to the same singles ward for a while. Isn't she a beautiful bride? Marriage is definitely the IN thing to do right now.

Photo & all other wedding phtos from here. Her new hubby is an amazing phtographer as well over at
Craig Tovey Photography.

It's now snowing and will be raining most of the week. Sadness.

Adios Amigos!

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  1. Becca, your so sweet to include me in your blog and to call me a beautiful bride! Thanks!! You know I met Craig at that singles ward we went to.. He's a wonderful man! Your perfect guy is out there. I'm sure he's looking for the perfect girl. One day he'll find you and you guys won't even remember the horrid wait because the bliss will be so overwhelming!