Monday, October 13, 2008

Late nights with a camera, a viola left out after practice, and nothing else to do.

Well, It's done. Michelle has gone off with the married crowd. I am down another single friend.

Moving on. can't dwell on that sad fact.

I put my itunes on party shuffle as I was browsing my daily blog/websites, when suddenly, I hear the hunky man voice of Perry Como crooning me to "I'll be Home for Christmas". BAM!!!!! Wow, Christmas! It doesn't help any that it's snowing this very moment. Or walmart for that matter. I always start thinking about it too soon and get in holiday season mode. Halloween, Thanksgiving, then christmas. Keep it in order people! Although I do know what I'm getting most of my friends this year. It's cute too!

Now Carrie Underwood is on. Jeez. I get so distracted by music I can't think. I analyze it and sing along with the harmonies. Distracted.....

This morning my alarm didn't go off(or did I forget to set it? I can't remember. So at 6 Rachel came down to my room to tell me she was ready. I jump out of bed, start getting ready to book it to choir. Rachel went to clean off the car (stupid snow), then I had to move my dad's car(he parked behind me, KNOWING I leave before him in the mornings), Had to find shoes instead of flip flops (stupid snow) and seeing how I can't remember the last time I wore socks, had to scrounge up some of those. Rachel and I get in the van, she can't find her music folder. Back in the house to look for her folder. She never found it, and the by the time we would have left, driven slowly because of the snow, we would only be at choir for 15min before it ended. Not worth the gas I think, so we bagged it and stayed home. rachel went back to bed while I looked for jobs online. Fun stressful mornin' I tell ya what.

Speaking of hunky man voice, I found this interview of MIchael buble on a british talk show. I loved this little segment at the end and edited it up for all to see. I love this man. Later.


  1. Kimberly8:03 AM

    Becca, you certainly have a way with a camera. I must tell you that. I love your pictures. Keep it up.

    Michelle's sister

  2. Hi Kim!!! Do you have a blog? or just browsing? Nice to see you online!

  3. Anonymous3:20 AM

    Michael Buble is a whiner. He never grew up. But I admit he can sing. :P FUNNY video. I love ROVE live!