Saturday, October 18, 2008

Check please.

Leaves changing colors? Check

Weather cooling down? Check

Freezing at night from lack of finished walls? Check

Cold/flu symptoms kicking in? Check (I'm cursed, I swear)

Holiday cooking started? CHECK!!!!!!!

If you know me (which you better if you're reading about my life everyday) you know I love to cook. Makes me feel accomplished and Martha-Stewart-ish. Plus, what other activity can you consume the finished product? Without internal injuries that is....

I've been searching high and low for halloween treats and decor because our family never really gets into it anymore. I thought I'd bring the traditions into full swing this year. As a family we used to do a halloween party every year and it was great fun. We're all too old/too busy/too lazy now a days for anything like that.

Not anymore! Here are a few of the ideas I've been brewing up for our party.

How cool is this decoration for the front yard?

I can totally use my gingerbread cookie cut out for this one. Genius!

A cool way to use my birdbath in the fall

Candy corn pudding! Butterscotch, banana cream and cool whip

Balloons, glue, and string. Some ghostly creations. coolness.

Take a melon baller and an apple.....

Mini caramel Apples. SO CUTE!!!! and no seeds or apple core to worry about!

Last night my mom and I picked every vegetable from the garden. Monday we're pulling out all the plants. We got lots of squash and pumpkins, plus the usual mystery vegetables and fruit. We should have quite the fall get up on our front porch.

Off to get primary stuff ready for tomorrow and look through some books I just got from the library. Lots of hair designs and updos, so be waiting for a post on that!



  1. mini carmel apples!!!!!! awesome!!!! I have an awesome Idea for gourds on halloween... you cut the top of it so that it looks like its on fire!! ok it wasn't my idea but I saw it someplace and decided it would be awesome

  2. Ooooh my... those mini caramel apples are the cutest things I've ever seen! All those ideas are great. Isn't holiday cooking the best? My mom and I always make fudge, toffee, and other candy when it starts getting close to Christmas. So fun!

  3. Caramel apples are a fun and traditional fall treat. They are easy to eat, but sometimes they can seem a little disappointing once you've eaten the outside layer. If you want caramel in every bite then try a miniature caramel apple instead.



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