Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yay for Pictures and Videos post!

The genius internet people of the world need to create a program that will upload photos one time to the internet, and then it distributes a copy to each website you want. I currently upload my photos here on blogger, facebook, myphotoalbum, and sometimes on myspace. That's a lot of time staring in front of a computer waiting for uploads and taking the time to organize it all!

But for now, I'll be a dedicated photo poster to all the sites I want to share my life info with.

Here we have Toby dog doing the strong bad dance. I have one cool dog.

Yes, I had my birthday. Another year older, another year of feeling guilt of what you could have done in the past year with your life. This year It actually took two breaths to blow out the candles. I guess I didn't take a deep enough breath. I'll probably drop dead when I have to blow out candles when I'm 50.

Randy and Michael being excited beyond belief as usual

So many candles! Cute cake though!

Presents! Yes, I have a garden hose on my head. I'm a gardner, I needed a hose, I couldn't hold it for the picture, so I stuck it on my head. Oh, Toni, don't hate me!!! My Mp3 player broke(Randy dropped it) and I needed one for working out with. all my music is in iTunes, so I got the shuffle(my left hand). I still think they're taking over the world, but I gave in........I'm weak, I know.

Some serious frosting on the cake. Everyone had to scrape of some. This is from ONE peice. about 1/2 cup. Bleh.

My room is black, white and red. This is a blanket to match my bed. Or as I prefer, my mink.

Ace likes mud

Mom had to wash off his feet outside before we could transfer him to the tub for a bath. Too cold that day to wash him outside. I love how he's sticking his tongue out at me.

Shlurp. Mmmmmm,....mud

In the tub

After the dog wash. So humiliated with the ears down

All clean!

Toby loves his belly rubbed, apparently slapping feels just as good

My random cake. I felt like baking. I doubled the cake recipe though and not the frosting. hence the 1/200 of an inch layer of frosting. The center is custard. It was SO good! Next time though, more frosting.

Joey, our royal cat. the music is her theme song. I love how she looks like a queen. She could pass as an egyptian sphinx. A very fat egyptian sphinx

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  1. Hope you don't mind me stopping by to read your blog. I have to say that I love your dog. SOOO cute!