Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Slow down Spring!

Now normally, you would never hear the above mentioned words come from my mouth. But seriously? It snows and snows, freezing temps, then all of a sudden BAM! Warm weather and all my bulbs are coming up, and things need to be planted. I still have so much to plant it's rediculous. If I could just freee one day to plant everything and then the weather can go about it's business. No consideration at all.

Last Friday was Michelle's last day at work. Now we sit and wait for my nephew Miles. If this is what I feel like, I bet Michelle is going nuts! Last week I stayed at her house for a day and helped her go through baby stuff, rearrange baby furniture, and even put the changing table together(which is harder than it looks) . It was fun looking at all the gifts she got from her work shower and family shower. I want this baby NOW!

Since first day of conference this month, a bird has taken up residence in our dryer vent. Normally I wouldn't really care, except that he makes the BIGGEST FREAKING RACKET EVERY DAY AT 6AM! It's like he rebuilds his nest every day an hour before I want to get up. Aluminum tubes and bird claws can get quite the volume going. I have resolved to evict him tonight. I'm putting chicken wire over the vent to keep him out. If I don't do this now, I may wring his neck in a weeks time. So for the sake of his little birdy life, he's leaving.

Rachel and I want to start a wedding rental business. Craxy, farfetched, will probably never work, I know. but I want to try. I've always wanted to be self employed, and have been obsessed with wedding stuff since I can remember. So why not put it to good use? Today We went looking (completely for the fun of it) for a building to rent/lease to open up shop. We found a place in old town magna main(center of attention, I know) that would be absolutely perfect in size and it was just renovated. It's also only $600/month for rent. Heck, if the business didn't work out, I'd live in it and rent out the spare rooms. It got us both excited and giddy about getting started. Of course we' both have to be working on the side, I have to wait for her to graduate, and we'd have a million other thigns to do. But so far we have no hang ups about it. We'll see. I'll let you know in future posts if it happens.

My mom baought my a Martha Stewart Baking book. The title is, "Martha Stewarts Baking Handbook" I want to make every single recipe in this book! they all look so good and tasty. Maybe I'll do just that. Make every single thing in order and post a picture of the finished product and my rating. Except I'd have to start with a chocolate cake they have in the middle. Made me want to bite off the book cover and chow down the picture looked so good! actually, I'm going to go make it right now. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow.

Here is a classis Rachel-torture-cat-moment that I caught on video. She's so mean to her. And yes, Joey(the cat) does have claws, so it kind of makes up for it.

Tootles, Ya'll!


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  1. So... just so you know... I want to start doing wedding photography. So once I got started, I would so love to get together with you guys so you could offer all sorts of services, including photography!!