Friday, April 25, 2008

Ode to the Dog

Last night I made a video of compiled pictures and videos of our dogs. Muppy who we had for 16 years, Toby since 2000 and Ace the newbie. the video finished, is huge. Maybe I'll get it online in my photo website. I don't think they accept files that big. I think I may be obsessed with my dogs. I guess it becomes this way for any person. If you have a baby they become the center of your life, if you get a new car it's all you can talk about for months and you find yourself sitting in it even when you have no where to go. Well, for me it's my dogs. Mainly Ace because he's very attatched to me.

He always seems to have mud on his nose from digging.

Toby on the other hand has become quite the lazy dog. I think since we got Ace it's just tired him out. His usual place of residence is the top of our couch. Just like a cat.

Today the Dumpsters from the county were dropped off on our street. I have never seen it fill up so fast! I think all our neighbors (and we) have been collecting junk and just too lazy to take it to the dump. You should see the dumpster by our house. Almost 1/3 more full than all the others. Lets just say we've been lacking the most in the de-junking department. I also got a ton done in my garden today. Lots of squash planted, nastursiums, tomoatoes, morning glory and my fence to keep the dogs out is almost finished. I keep draggin ace over to the garden and forcing him through the gaps to see if he'll fit and if I need to alter it. So far he's too big for all the crevices.

Ace always attacks water whenever it's moving water. Bruno (Our neighbors dog) is a regular visitor at out house and learns from Ace. He learned how to lift his leg when he pees, scratch when he wants to go out, and bite when he plays (which is bad). Lately though, he's become more and more used to water. he used to hate it like a cat, but now he attacks just like Ace. Our little protege

I'll be an aunt in two days! (cross your fingers)

As I've mentioned before, I adore Lio the comic strip. Just one of the recent ones I've found. Awsome.

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