Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Massive Picture post!

I found my ever disappearing camera cord today. Thought I would update via picture post. So here goes:

Oh wait, here is a video of our lame singing for Michelle's birthday. I didn't sing because then all you would hear is me. :D

Saturday we celebrated Michelle's 26th B-day after conference. It's a tradition to get her grapefruit because she's nuts over them. Optional juicy glasses if you prefer.
Can't have a Hodgson birthday without the essential angel food cake, fresh strawberries and whip cream. Optional overdose of cream if you like. Don't worry, it was "light".
Lema tired. Can't see why, he slept through most of conference. (who cares if I did too)
Michael was sleepy as well. I think he just woke after conference. Yes, he is a self proclaimed vampire.
Randy leerves whip cream.
Michelle got her scrapbooking book by Becky Higgins. I. want. it.
So I found this cake online. yes, it's a cake. I think I want to make it.
Old Volleyball team pic after we won region. Woot.
Is this not the coolest thing ever? No need for an ugly flat screen mounted to the wall. I pull MINE out of a shelf. Get with the times people!
Michelle 8 months along. She's about to pop!
The cookies I made for the WesTech baby shower. took FOREVER, but I loved how they turned out and got lots of compliments. This is the favor for the family shower on saturday.
Closeup of my amazing goodness.
Michelle and her loot from the Westech party. She got SO much stuff she doesn't really need the family shower now! Such nice people at WesTech!
Ace in his pool. It was clear water about 30 minutes before the video, but he loves to roll in the dirt. End result, very muddy water and filthy dog
Joey the fatcat in her window. This is how she always sleeps. Randy decided his phone would make her look more entertaining.
I only took three photo's at MIchelle's B-day dinner. I am terrible at taking one of everyone. Sorry Joe and Tony!
Bekah and her messy face. So adorable!
Michelle mid-blow.
We like-a chinese food. Chinatown wok to be exact. YUM!!!!
Rachel prefers wood.

Well people's, hope you enjoyed the pictures & videos. Must be off to bed!


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  1. I totally stole that picture of my family :) I look CUTE!

    And your cookies were a HUGE hit! :)