Monday, May 23, 2005

Where in the nursery rhyme does it say humpty dumpty is an egg?

Another day gone by in my life, and I feel no change, no accomplished things, nothing that I really did to improve my life. I watered my flowers in the garden, ate way too much food, and watched wierd al movies. they were pretty funny, but still, not much accomplished. I'm still in confusion about what to do with the scholarship. I talked with Toni today, and she suggested I stop asking "What if" and write dowa all the pros and cons, I'lll go do that right now and be back with he results in a minute...............................ok the results are in. It is exactly down the middle even. that didn't help at all. I see all the little details on each side and I still don't know what to do. I need to do some more praying and thinking and talking with my parents. I really want to move out, but the situation I'm in right now just feels right. It's a really good job, it is within walking distance of my house, so i don't need a car or have to ride the bus for it, and it just feels like it's what I'm supposed to be doing. I don't know if that will change when august rolls around though. but then it will be to late. i have to decide now with the whole scholarship thing. I miss playing with an orchesra SOOO much. I haven't really played since graduation. That's almost an entire year ago. I've been thinking about the wwest valley symphony, but my brother michael says they are poo. I just want to play with an orchestra and keep my current job. If only UVSC was in magna, then everything would work out. wow I've rambled on a lot with this, time for a new subject.
Tonight for family night we went to subway, and then AB's for a shake, came home and played cranium. Randy and I won. We kept getting all questions we knew. the last one was a Buddy Holly song, and I knew it! yay! Randy just informed me that brian Setzer just married one of his backup singers this month. interesting. Most of you probably don't even know who that is. Anywho, I'm trying to ste up Randy's band with a gig at the Magna night out against crime. they played there last year, and lots of people liked it. Stupid Magna arts council won't return my emails. dumb people.
My brother is a Pyro. My computer is still in my old room, so i have to enndure his stupidity while I'm online. Now he's playing with matches and Goo be gone, that specifically says do not use near open flame. The fire alarm is going to go off in a minute I know it. now it stinks in here.
Randy is going for his knee surgery this thursday. then he'll be confined to his bed for days and possibly weeks. HA! the poor little dear. he'll probably catch his bed on fire. Now he's showing my dad how cool it is burning the goo be gone stuff. I wonder where he gets it from? what is with guys and fire? and explosives? probably something to do with testosterone. I guess with girls its chocolate :) Stupid fire alarm went off.very loud. What a queer bro I have.
Well, can't think of much else to say, and now Randy is reading this, so I'll say good bye and Randy is a poo.


  1. its a "power" issue i think like the time he dropped a dollar coin on the electrical socket and we almost died. you should ask him if he still has that.

  2. oh by the way i think you ought to stay because i just had my interview at alorica and they gave me the job. so....... ya you need to stay
    i miss orchestra too. i miss even having a bass to play. wo is me

  3. that would be funny if randy caught his bed on fire i can just see it happening too.

  4. or if he caught the cast on his knee after the surgury on fire. hee hee

  5. oh by the way randy is a poo head. i went to visit him and he never called or anything so now im going to have to visit him again. out of turn. poo head