Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What does the T in T-Shirt really mean?

Well, tthe bidding has ended and I am without a viola AGAIN! Three flippin motards were sniping out my viola, and the last three seconds, they outbid me. what freaks. If there was some way for me to find out wher they live, I would hunt them down and steal the viola. I get payed on friday though, so if that seller stick any more up, I can put a higher bid and win. that is if she has any more of the violas.
Anywho, oon to happier things. My Arwin necklace came today! It is so pretty! I'm wearing it right now. It's just like it was in the picture, pretty pretty.
My cat button is dying. last week he stopped eating and drinking. he is all skin and bones, he's to weak to walk, and we are feeding him through an eye dropper. It's so sad. He is Michelles cat and she won't see him ever again. My brothers are digging a hole in our back yard today. We all thought he was going to die last night, but amazingly he survived. he just lies on the bed staring off in a trance. It's really wierd. He's 22 years old. He's been alive longer than me. I don't know life without him. I'll be really sad when he dies. I'm hoping we get anothe cat when he is gone. I'm just used to having three cats around. I don't see how anyone can live life without pets. especially cats.
My brother Randy has updated his websiite for the band, so If anyof you want to check it out and sign the guestbook, here you go
I need to go clean my room now and feed my kitty. tootles to ya'll

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