Friday, May 06, 2005

That's not a lie. It's a terminological inexactitude

Wow. It's been forever since I've had a free minute of time. I've been working my two jobs this week. In three weeks I'll havee a new schedual where I can can have a life and more than five hours of sleep every night. Right now I wake up at 7:00am, be at work by 8:00am, work until fivepm, sleep fo three hours, go to work at the conference center, come home at 2:00am, sleep till' 7:00, and do it all over again. Mountain Dew has become my friend. My best friend.
Next week i starrt on the call floor talking to customers. I didn't realize how little I know about computers until now. I am scared to death. But i really like the job. I don't mind sitting at a desk all day helping people figure out their computer. kind of gives me a happy feeling. I'm glad I'm working two jobs. I don't really have much to do wth my time other wise, and it makes me feel all grown up with responsibilities and all. ya know?
Wow, You know how their are the really cute security dudes at the conference center? I just have this thing for older guys. More mature i suppose. I don't really want someone who is ten years older than me though. that would be wierd.
Only bad part about alorica is that no onee is LDS. they all smoke(you can smell it on them) they don't mind swearing about every little thing, and they dress like bums. oh well. can't win them all. Dan Senten works there. What a wacko. funny kid. Oh! the best part is i get a ten perrcent discount at mcDonalds! wahoo! because, i like, go there everyday, and like totally love their greasy-fattening-artery-clogging-food-everyday for lunch. yum yuum.
....................2hours later.................... I just got back from Angela's reception with Tony. I can't believe she is actually married now. She is going to Maui for the honeymoon. lucky ducky. Only for a week though, and then Mike has to be back at work. she said we are having a sleepover and looking through all of her presents, and playing all our duets together. oh, the memories. She had a gorgeouus dress, pretty set up and everything. ya, she made me cry, she cried, and all that girly stuff. wait! I took pictures with randy's digital camera, so i can post them! yay! I'll put them up later.
Speaking of Randy, he's home now. The first coupke of dys he kept speaking German thinking we could understand him. he is going to the doctors on monday and they will do all the final tests before his surgery. fun fun. ouch. He's still kind of a missionary, so he can't go see movies, watch tv date get a job or anything else. He's been plunking around on his guitar like nuts though. he hasn't lost his touch. Plus, he sings now and isn't shy about it. So once the Tomcats get back together, they'll go big. yay. More money for me, their manager. :)
I'm thinking of getting a loan for a a car right now. I don't want to wait four months. that is walking hime from work for four months. It's too close to my house to take the bus. but far away enough that its a long walk. I just want a Jeep grand cherokee. I love those! So, If I get a loan approved, and somehow manage to get my parents too sign(ya right) I'll have a car. wahoo. I found one for five thousand dollars. And since i don't have rent oor school right now, All my money would be going towards it, so I would pay it off real quick. I just need it!
Well, i must be off to study for my test next week. So many terms, so little time. Nighty night.

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  1. I can't believe that Angela finally actually got married. It's kind of srange. Angela, married. What is this world coming to?