Monday, December 05, 2011

We love our grill! Even enough to grill in the snow. Sexy PJ's, no?

And a new haircut too.  Ow ow.

I spent Thursday morning organizing our pantry. Holy COW it feels good to have it cleaned! Baskets are life savers for organizing and I buy tons every time I go to the D. I.

Blurry sisters picture. yay!

Tonight we celebrated Carter's 6th birthday at Randy and Becky's house. I like to liven up my cards a bit :)

Eli loved the cupcakes!

I think Carter loves being the center of attention.

Becky's super hero cupcakes

 "Spider Bat" - Cater's secret identity/super hero that he imagined and drew up a design for a suit. Becky's amazing sister actually made the suit off of Carter's design and gave it as a gift. Every little boy's dream. This is his "superhero face"

The cape

Rock em' Sock em' robots was one of the gifts. I think the adults had more fun with the game than the kids

Afterwards Steven and I went around Magna and by Winder Dairy to see the lights on people's houses. Something we both did as kids and wanted to do this year.

We're busy with Christmas these days and have a full Calendar of events up until Christmas day. We got a new queen size mattress that we love, our house decorated with lights and and working away at getting our house organized. Life is great!

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  1. I am SO jealous of your pantry! I keep thinking that I need to organize mine because it is a true disaster but I am too lazy (or something).

    Carter is absolutely adorable in those birthday pictures. I think he's on to something with the superhero costume.